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Vintage '22 Report

I finally have some time to look back at the '22 vintage and reflect on what ended up being a slow and steady vintage.

Decent winter rains through 2021 meant the vines had good soil moisture which ensured a healthy start with a flourish of early growth. The very cool start to spring meant budburst was at least two weeks later than anticipated, leading to the chance that picking would be at least two weeks later than normal.

In the strangely cool South Aussie summer, the vines just cruised along with berry development and ripening, quite slow and even. Without any major heat wave events, or frankly, heat full stop, the grapes accumulated great flavour while retaining amazing natural acidity. 

By the time we picked we were at least a month later than 2021 vintage. The resulting wines are quite elegant but with a wonderful fruit profile, depth and fine structure. Both whites and reds from Eden and Barossa Valley are standouts.

A great vintage all round! 

Hope you enjoy them! Cheers Derek


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