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Paisley Wines - Deliciously Fashionable Barossa

We are a boutique family owned and operated company, bringing you premium wines from the  Barossa.  Our wines are all about elegance and finesse, with bright fruit and textural influences. Our aim is to highlight the attributes of the vineyard and the fruit.

Why Paisley?

Paisley is a small textile town in Scotland, which became so famous for making women's shawls in the 1800's in the boteh pattern, that the pattern itself got the name Paisley.

It was the birth town of Kirsten's Great x 4 Grandfather who emigrated to Adelaide in 1839.

Thinking about all the fun we could have with our packaging and product names, Paisley Wines was born. 

Who are we?

Winemaker Derek Fitzgerald has twenty vintages under his belt, having worked in the Hunter Valley, Great Southern region in Western Australia and the Barossa Valley. The Barossa is where he and his wife Kirsten Harvey currently live with their daughter.

Derek grew up on the NSW South Coast in the picturesque town of Batemans Bay before moving to Sydney to complete his Chemical Engineering Degree at Sydney University. After a couple of years of work, he decided to pack his backpack and head to London on a working holiday visa.

Kirsten finished her Bachelor of Arts at Flinders Uni in Adelaide and also packed a bag and flew to London on a working holiday visa a couple of month later. About six months into their travels, they met in London through mutual friends and the rest is history! 

Derek fell in love with the idea of making wine whilst travelling. He returned to Australia to study Oenology before starting his working career in the Hunter Valley. Kirsten has made her career in sales and marketing as well as function managing at a number of wineries and hotels around the country.

After several years of prompting by Kirsten, in December 2015 Derek spoke to a couple of local growers who he knew produced consistently premium fruit. He arranged to purchase seven tonnes of Barossa Shiraz, Barossa Grenache and Barossa Mataro in the 2016 vintage to make the first releases for the Paisley Wines brand.

Derek and Kirsten are now proud to present the Fabric series, the Mixed by DJ Deadly series and the premium Celtic Mythology series featuring Irish Mythological characters.


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