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Our Pets

Our not so small menagerie these days of sheep, included super cute Cookie and Aladdin our miniature Babydoll sheep, an Alpaca called Achilles, five chooks, two guinea fowl and two cats. 

The sheep try their best to keep up with the fast growing grass in the Town and Sunset blocks although it is a bit of a losing battle over winter! This is just one way Paisley can get natural fertiliser back into the soil and avoids having to use as many chemicals in the vineyard.

The cats are just for cuddles, Flora loves to hang out in the garden while Luna, our kitten, runs around chasing bugs and butterflies.

The chooks give us an almost never ending supply of delicious golden eggs and the guinea fowl stir up a racket if they think they see a fox in the area.

Visitors to Paisley can enjoy visiting our pets on one of our Paisley Vineyard Experiences. Go to the Experiences page to find out more.


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