2018 Clurichaun Mataro

Celtic Series



This range of wine is named for Celtic mythological characters of old. The Clurichaun is known as a bad tempered cousin of the Leprechaun, who resides in wine cellars around Ireland. If you are kind to the creature, he will take good care of your wines but if not, he will drink you out of house and home.

The Clurichaun Mataro was picked from a vineyard at the Southern end of the Barossa on a perfect site for growing rich and full bodied Mataro. From its elevated position on Trial Hill Road you can catch a glimpse of the St Vincent Gulf, offering cooling afternoon and evening breezes. Combined with the sandy soils over limestone, the Mataro vines work hard but produce some amazing quality wine, the crop level is low but the flavour is full throttle. With small berries the wine is concentrated, textural and complex.

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